President Obama Lift ban on stem cell research 前美国总统奥巴马解除对干细胞研究的禁令

President Obama Lift ban on stem cell research

Purtier Placenta 6th Edition Teaser English

PURTIER 鹿胎素第六代预告 (Chinese/ 华语)

Conscientious植物精华喷雾 (Chinese/华语)

Conscientious 面膜(Chinese/华语)



PURTIER Placenta Sixth Edition English Subtitle Chinese (中文/ 华语)

The Truth About Stem Cells

A Stem Cell Story

What Are Stem Cells? Why Are They So Important? Part 1



What Are Stem Cells? Where Do They Come From? Part 2

What Are Stem Cells? What Do They Do? Part 3

What Are Stem Cells? What Are They Used For? Part 4

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

***The above video are from YouTube, the uploader/ owner takes every single credit on it.



The above video explains what is stem cells and how the treatment done by the clinics. 

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