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Here you will understand more about the product – Purtier placenta 6th edition

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      1. Basically it is a health product with stem cell that helps to repair the cells in your body. And the new ingredient Nucleiclavem™ has the ability to boost our immune system.

    1. But it is priceless to regain our health especially to those who has been struggling on skin problems.

  1. I came across this company but think they are just another company that showing off their wealth.
    Thumbs down

    1. Why do you think so? People working very hard to achieve their result. Moreover, we are mainly target people who have health problem. After they regain health, we feel happier.

      1. I just think it is overdo, good luck to all those people.
        The product maybe good as I tried it, but the company makes me feel like more concern on money and sales results than improving the product.

        1. In reply to KC Chan, that is not true. The company has been improving the quality of Purtier for 10 years (now the 6th edition) Without increasing its price! And because Purtier is so good, naturally the sales keep increasing as the product talks, and the product works!

    1. 尊敬的张先生,您可以向那位向你推荐PURTIER的朋友购买。或者直接从这网站上购买。

  2. what is the antioxidant nuclei clavem with the fancy name – company does not want to say (secret) because then you would find the same product from other company at a fraction of the price just without the fancy name

    1. Of course it is a commercial secret. Riway has spent so much money to make this happen and. At least they make it happen and make trademark on that. at least for another 5 years this ingredient is can only be use for Purtier.

      Thanks for your comment.

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